April 2019
  • Github Authorization is fixed
February 2019
January 2019
November 2018
  • Persistent timers.
  • Google Calendar integration (beta).
  • Google Tasks integration (beta).
October 2018
  • Dutch locale has been added. Thanks to Joranvar
  • Italian locale has been updated. Thanks to Daniele Santoro
  • Portuguese locale has been updated. Thanks to Ricardo Ferrer
  • Ability to load daily tasks from Google Calendar
September 2018
  • Dayly Goal is available now.
  • Kazakh locale has been added. Thanks to brakerhost
August 2018
  • OSX application is available in AppStore.
June 2018
  • Italian locale was updated. Thanks to gvgramazio.
May 2018
  • Chinese localization. Many thanks to junmo1215.
January 2018
December 2017
  • German locale was updated. Thanks to Antonius Golly.
  • Brazilian locale was updated. Thanks to Henrique Bispo.
  • One minute left notification.
November 2017
  • German locale was updated. Thanks to Torben.
September 2017
  • French locale was updated. Thanks to Nicolas Endredi.
  • Ability to mark current pomodoro as done from timer.
August 2017
  • Ability to toggle full screen for timer.
  • Ability to set time when daily history will be reseted.
July 2017
  • TODO list is persistent between browsers for logged users.
  • Ability to disable tick tock sound while breaks
  • Now you can support the project
  • Ability to sort activities
June 2017
  • Daily reports (email/telegram).
April 2017
  • Basic Telegram Integration: Pomodoro Tracker Bot.
  • Japanise localization (Many thanks to aliyome).
  • Stop pomodoros when TODO list is empty.
  • New interface for TODO/DONE lists.
  • Support dark theme.
  • Now hotkeys for the timer are SPACE and ESC.
February 2017
  • Brazilian Portuguese localization (Many thanks to Lucas Ernesto Kindinger).
  • Countdown timer after break.
  • Merge stats with worklog.
October 2016
May 2016
  • Timer's hotkeys.
  • Spanish localization (Many thanks to Chema Cortés).
  • User's feedback page.
  • Categories' summary in DONE list.
March 2016
  • Daily activities.
February 2016
  • Localization support. Added Russian language.
  • Time forecast
  • Sort pomodoros in TODO by Drag&Drop
December 2015
  • SSL
September 2015
  • Public updates log
  • Clear history after midnight
  • Notifiation Alerts in browser
  • Months, weeks statistic
August 2015
  • Public release